Real Time Updates on the Global Resistance for Climate Change

Global Climate Strike is an international, centralized page for live updates on climate strikes, protests and campaigns is now available for everyone to stay up to date and active in the fight against the climate crisis.

this website facilitates your change to join in on climate strikes or even make your own and have the ultimate platform for people to find out and join you.

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American Association of Museums: Environment and Climate Network

The Environment and Climate Network (formerly PIC Green Museum Network) is a collaborative and pro-active community working to establish museums as leaders in environmental stewardship and sustainability, and climate action.

During the 2018 Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo, the Network was renamed from “PIC Green Museum Network” to Environment and Climate Network. In the last ten years since the Network’s official founding, accomplishments include establishing the annual Sustainability Excellence Awards (SEA) to educate, facilitate, and encourage green practices in museums, hosting multiple sustainability summits, workshops, and sessions, and connecting colleagues across the world in a collaborative conversation of why environmental sustainability and museums should not be mutually exclusive.

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The Wild Center: Adirondack Youth Climate Summit, New York State, USA

The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program is a global initiative that works to convene, inspire, and network young people through youth climate summits, empowering them to lead on climate change solutions in their schools and communities. 

The heart of the program is the annual Adirondack Youth Climate Summit, a two-day conference that brings together over 200 high school and college students to learn about climate change in a student-led, hopeful atmosphere. The summit consists of more than 20 plenary sessions and workshops on topics such as farm to school, youth leadership, resilience, civic engagement, communication through art, energy efficiency, and waste management. School teams consisting of students, administrators, and faculty use information from the session to create their own Climate Action Plan, which they bring back to their school for implementation. Each year, the Adirondack Summit is intentionally modified to incorporate student feedback and to best support student needs as they lead on implementing climate action plans in their schools and communities. This has included the creation of a full time Youth Climate Program Coordinator to support student plans year round, as well as a Climate and Communities Coordinator to build capacity at other sites, and a mini-grants program to help fund student’s action plans. 

Due to recognition for emphasizing the value of project based learning and action competency, the Youth Climate Program is a case study and leader in the global conversation surrounding youth climate empowerment and preparing youth to be active citizens in a global society. Beyond serving as a convening force, the work done by The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program in developing their local program is now viewed as a model for other youth climate initiative, and the successful ideas from the local program are consistently thought of as the leading edge for best practices in youth engagement and leadership around climate change. The Program convenes discussions between partners across the globe and serves in a leadership role with number of national organizations, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN), which has resulted in their participation in planning an affiliate event at the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit. Highlights of Youth Climate Program leadership include recognition by The White House’s Climate Literacy and Education Initiative in 2014 and leading youth education components of COP21 in 2015. 

The core of this innovative work is creating space for authentic youth voice and leadership at all levels. At a local scale, youth are given tools to identify their passions and lead their own climate action projects in their schools and communities. This has led to success beyond school environments, and has spurred collaborative relationships between students and municipal leaders, leading to climate commitments and action work at a local level.

Now in its 10th year, the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit model has inspired over 30 similar Youth Climate Summits around the world and built an impressive, powerful network of empowered young people. Throughout the United States, The Wild Center has since helped to start Youth Climate Summits in Washington, California, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Vermont, Texas, and Massachusetts, as well as multiple other New York State summits. Additionally, Wild Center has inspired and advised international summits in Finland, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Liberia. The Wild Center's Youth Climate Program has a free, downloadable DIY Youth Climate Summit toolkit. 

The Wild Center is a science center and natural history museum located in the heart of the six million acre Adirondack Park in northern New York State. The 115 acre campus features a indoor space with live animals, interactive exhibits, and a panoramic theater featuring the natural history of the Adirondacks. Outside, Wild Walk - an elevated walk across the treetops, iForest - an immersive sound experience, The Pines nature play area and our waterfront along the 176 mile Racquette river creates uncommon experiences for visitors to explore their connection to nature. The Wild Center's mission is to ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks where people and nature can thrive together and offer an example to the world.

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The Arctic Cycle

The following information has been sourced from The Arctic Cycle's official website. Read more about their mission and initiatives here. 

"The Arctic Cycle uses theatre to foster dialogue about our global climate crisis, create an empowering vision of the future, and inspire people to take action. Operating on the principle that complex problems must be addressed through collaborative efforts, we work with artists across disciplines and geographic borders, solicit input from earth and social scientists, and actively seek community and educational partners."


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Julie's Bicycle

"Julie’s Bicycle is a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. We believe that the creative community is uniquely placed to transform the conversation around climate change and translate it into action.

We provide the creative community with the skills to act, using their creativity to influence one another, audiences and the wider movement. We run a rich programme of events, free resources and public speaking engagements, which contribute to national and international climate change policy development.

Julie’s Bicycle supports the Paris Agreement goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by focusing on energy, the major source of carbon emissions for the cultural sector. More than 2,000 companies use the Creative IG Tools, our suite of carbon calculators, and our certification scheme, Creative Green, is the recognised benchmark for sustainability achievement within the creative industries.

We have a deep engagement with the arts and cultural sector, working with organisations and independent professionals across the UK and internationally to embed environmental sustainability into their operations, creative work and business practice.

We have two key objectives:

  1. Advocate to and for culture to publicly inspire action on climate change and sustainability. We will equip cultural professionals and artists with the knowledge and confidence to speak out and together on this issue, using their creativity to influence one another, audiences, and the wider movement.
  2. Support the Paris Agreement Goal to limit global warming to below 2 degrees by focusing on energy, the major source of carbon emissions for the cultural sector."

Learn more about Julie's Bicycle here

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Sustainable Museums

"Sustainable Museums helps board and staff members at zoos, gardens, aquariums, museums, and historic sites make strategic plans, set goals, and pursue thoughtful project and program choices. We consult on environmental sustainability in organizational practice and public engagement. We also conduct grant funding searches and prepare grant proposals." Read more about Sarah Sutton's Sustainable Museums here


Sarah Sutton, LEED-AP
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Waialua, Oahu, Hawai'i

Sustainable Museums Blog
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Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Museum ‘Changes’ gallery development

Fact sheet: Climate change related exhibitions

The new Western Australian Museum (New Museum) is due to open in the Perth Cultural Centre in 2020. The New Museum will share the stories of our people and place, and act as a gateway to explore Western Australia (WA). The New Museum’s Changes gallery will explore the complex, enduring and significant relationship between people and the environment in WA. Changes shares the idea that WA’s land and water are precious resources, and that visitors’ actions can, and will, determine our future. Through the lens of multiple perspectives, it will explore the economic, environmental, cultural and social impacts of human engagement with our environment. As we learn from the past and think ahead, it will pose fundamental questions – what do we value? What do we want our State to look like in the future? What are we doing now to ensure the health of our State for a prosperous and sustainable future? Shaping the Future is one of seven main story areas within Changes.

While future focused content will feature throughout the entire Changes gallery, Shaping the Future will include a dedicated ‘hub’ (likely towards the end of the visitor journey), that will encourage visitors to form and reflect upon their own values and aspirations for the management and health of WA’s environment. It aims to spark discussion and debate, asks people to think and respond with their own comments, and invites them to consider how their own personal choices will influence the future of our State. Shaping the Future will invite participation and include visitor-generated content that is inspired by the stories and themes presented throughout the other main story areas in this gallery.

Changes gallery- Shaping the Future story area: Front-end evaluation of audience interest

Alice Ryder
Senior Project Officer – Audience Advocate
New Museum Project
Western Australian Museum
Locked Bag 49
Welshpool DC  WA  6986  Australia

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Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice

Building museums' capacity to promote awareness, mitigation & resilience in the face of climate change

The Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice mobilizes and supports Canadian museum workers and their organizations in building public awareness, mitigation and resilience in the face of climate change. 

The Coalition welcomes participation from people who support the goals outlined below and who are employed within Canadian museums and other cultural institutions along with those who work in support of museums in Canada and around the world including, among others, board members, volunteers, consultants, students, scholars and public servants.

To join the Coalition, please visit our Facebook Page or contact us directly.

Advisory Group

As of April, 2017, a national Advisory Group of seven Coalition members is in place to provide overall governance and share the work. Members of the Advisory Group are Chris Castle (Ontario), Joy Davis (BC), David Jensen (BC), René Rivard (Quebec), Naomi Grattan (Alberta), Peter ord (BC), and Robert Janes (Alberta). We intend to expand this group as the work increases.

Coalition Goals

1. Help build internal awareness of climate change responses within the museum community
2. Support museums in strengthening public awareness and mitigation of climate change
3. Mobilize museums as participants and activists in public discourse on climate change.
4. Empower museums to lead by example by providing tools and resources to do so.

Guiding Principles

The Coalition:

  • Serves as a trustworthy broker to facilitate healthy and respectful dialogue among different points of view on issues confronting museums and their communities as they address climate change.
  • Ensures that information regarding climate change is authentic and relevant.
  • Respects and builds on diverse perspectives, including Indigenous knowledge and viewpoints.

Updates on the Coalition

For Updates on the Coalition, please visit our News and Events Pages

(From 'About Us', on the Coalition's webpage

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Yale Center for Climate Communication

From the Yale Center for Climate Communication website:

"We conduct scientific research on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences, and behavior, and the underlying psychological, cultural, and political factors that influence them. We also engage the public in climate change science and solutions, in partnership with governments, media organizations, companies, and civil society, and with a daily, national radio program, Yale Climate Connections."

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Manchester Museum

Hosting the International Symposium on Climate Change and Museums, 10-12 April 2018.

More info: see Events.

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Australian Museum

Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia

Climate change information provided on the Australian Museum's website. 

The Australian Museum's climate change communication includes Oceania Rising: Climate Change in Our Region, a collaborative arts program centering on the works of Angela Tiatia and others, raising awareness and engagement in climate change in Sydney and the Pacific. A partnership between the Australian Museum, Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, and Blacktown Arts.
Runs July-Dec 2018. See AM website for more information. 

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The Climate Museum

A pioneering museum,  creating a safe place for debate, taking powerful works to the streets... the museum has a headquarters office and at this stage uses public spaces and educational spaces for exhibiting and running workshops.

Founded and Directed by Miranda Massie.

The Climate Museum
800 3rd Ave
21st Floor New York

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