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up to the minute climate science

The following links provide data on global, regional and local scales.


NASA: Global Climate Change - Vital Signs of the Planet 

NOAA: Climate data, tools, information (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


Australian National University Climate Institute

Bureau of Meterology Climate change data

CSIRO - Climate Change Information for Australia (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)



Pacific Climate Change Portal

USA  Federal climate data resources

Committee on Climate Change
Committee on Climate Change: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017  
Committee on Climate Change: Infographics and videos

Understanding the Forecast: Global Warming. AMNH, 1992.

Understanding the Forecast: Global Warming. AMNH, 1992.

List of Climate Change/Anthropocene Exhibitions


A work-in-progress documentation of exhibitions around the world.
From 1992, the apparent earliest exhibition: ‘Understanding the Forecast: Global Warming’, American Museum of Natural History.

List compiled in 2015, AMNH.
Additions to the list welcome: contact

Climate change/Anthropocene exhibitions

New Museum for WA concept rendering

New Museum for WA concept rendering

Western Australian Museum

Fact sheet: Climate change related exhibitions

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