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Museums and the sustainable development goals

Work Produced by Henry McGhie

Curating Tomorrow is a consultancy for museums and the heritage sector, helping them draw on their unique resources to enhance their contributions to society and the natural environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action and nature conservation. Curating Tomorrow also applies the museum-based skill of curating to thinking about and addressing real-world challenges, not necessarily involving museums or museum collections.

ya novelists are starting to see the importance of including climate change in literature:

D.G. Driver: The Juniper Sawfeather Trilogy

This series is about a teen environmental activist who discovers mythical creatures tied to her American Indian heritage during her efforts to protect the natural world.

Edan Lepucki: There’s no place like home

In a climate-ravaged future, it’s not easy to grow up. One girl is trying her best in a story about global catastrophe and personal chaos.

Edan Lepucki’s There’s No Place Like Home is part of Warmer, a collection of seven visions of a conceivable tomorrow by today’s most thought-provoking authors. Alarming, inventive, intimate, and frightening, each story can be read, or listened to, in a single breathtaking sitting.

Editor: V. Ramanathan. Co-Editors: Adam Millard-Ball; Michelle Niemann; Scott Friese.

Editor: V. Ramanathan. Co-Editors: Adam Millard-Ball; Michelle Niemann; Scott Friese.

Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions

Published by the Regents of the University of California, 2019. 

As part of a University of California climate education effort led by UC San Diego climate scientist V. Ramanathan, this textbook explains climate change solutions in a clear and accessible way. The book shows how environmental justice and the environmental humanities are central to confronting climate change. It advocates social movements to push for implementation of the solutions we already have, from policies and market instruments to technologies and ecosystem restoration. This free digital textbook is an open educational resource (OER) published by the Regents of the University of California under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

Ashley Cooper.
Images from a Warming Planet

ISBN: 978-1-5262-0592-6


Climate Outreach's important, accessible report:
Report: Climate Communications in Practice: How are we engaging the UK public?
(27 Nov 2018)

Article on fostering climate change engagement through exhibitions -
Julie Becker, 'Getting Unstuck: New paths to engage audiences with big issues', Spokes, no. 47

Article in Heritage Daily: ‘Cultural Heritage has a lot to teach us about Climate Change, 16 October 2018. By Cathy Daly, Senior Lecturer in History and Heritage, University of Lincoln, Jane Downes, Director, Archaeology Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands, William Megarry, Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast.

Leal Filho, Walter; Evangelos Manolas; Anabela Marisa Azul; Ulisses M. Azeiteiro; Henry McGhie (editors).

Handbook of Climate Change Communication: Vol. 3

Case Studies in Climate Change Communication.
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2018.

Capstick, Stuart, Sarah HemstockRuci Senikula.
"Perspectives of artist–practitioners on the communication of climate change in the Pacific"
International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, Vol. 10 Issue: 2 

Janes, Robert R.
Museums and Climate Change Activism, The Beam no. 6, 2018.


Newell, J., Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner (editors).

Curating the Future: Museums, Communities and Climate Change 

Routledge Environmental Humanities, 2016.
A volume presenting essays and object essays by a number of members of the Museums and Climate Change Network.  

Cameron, Fiona & Brett Neilson (editors).

Climate Change and Museum Futures

Routledge: NY & London, 2015

Before 2010:

Buckland, David & Chris Wainwright (editors).

Unfold: a cultural response to climate change

2010. Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-7091-0220-6
(Profiles the work of the artists in the ‘Unfold’ exhibition and also proposes a number of creative and innovative responses to climate change aimed at stimulating discourse and a wider engagement with the climate debate.)

Janes, Robert R.

Museums in a troubled world: Renewal, irrelevance or collapse

Routledge: NY & London, 2009.

Barker, Holly.

The iniquities of climate change & the small island experience.

Pulse of the Planet, 2008

Books from the Climarte website Resource Library

Art & Ecology Now, Andrew Brown
Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts, Mel Evans
Burning Ice: Art and Climate Change (Cape Farewell project, David Buckland)
Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a hot world, edited by Peter Christoff
Green Patriot Posters: Images for a New Activisim, Dimitri Siegel & Edward Morris
In the Balance: Art for a Changing World, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
To Life! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet, Linda Weintraub