Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice

Building museums' capacity to promote awareness, mitigation & resilience in the face of climate change

The Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice mobilizes and supports Canadian museum workers and their organizations in building public awareness, mitigation and resilience in the face of climate change. 

The Coalition welcomes participation from people who support the goals outlined below and who are employed within Canadian museums and other cultural institutions along with those who work in support of museums in Canada and around the world including, among others, board members, volunteers, consultants, students, scholars and public servants.

To join the Coalition, please visit our Facebook Page or contact us directly.

Advisory Group

As of April, 2017, a national Advisory Group of seven Coalition members is in place to provide overall governance and share the work. Members of the Advisory Group are Chris Castle (Ontario), Joy Davis (BC), David Jensen (BC), René Rivard (Quebec), Naomi Grattan (Alberta), Peter ord (BC), and Robert Janes (Alberta). We intend to expand this group as the work increases.

Coalition Goals

1. Help build internal awareness of climate change responses within the museum community
2. Support museums in strengthening public awareness and mitigation of climate change
3. Mobilize museums as participants and activists in public discourse on climate change.
4. Empower museums to lead by example by providing tools and resources to do so.

Guiding Principles

The Coalition:

  • Serves as a trustworthy broker to facilitate healthy and respectful dialogue among different points of view on issues confronting museums and their communities as they address climate change.
  • Ensures that information regarding climate change is authentic and relevant.
  • Respects and builds on diverse perspectives, including Indigenous knowledge and viewpoints.

Updates on the Coalition

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