Curating the Future

Newell, J., Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner (eds). 2016. Curating the Future: Museums, Communities and Climate Change. Routledge Environmental Humanities.
A volume presenting essays and object essays by many members of the Museums and Climate Change Network.  

The iniquities of climate change & the small island experience

Barker, Holly. 2008. “The Inequities of Climate Change and the Small Island Experience.” Pulse of the Planet,

unfold: a cultural response to climate change

Buckland, David & Chris Wainwright (Eds).2010. UNFOLD: A Cultural Response to Climate Change. Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-7091-0220-6
(Profiles the work of the artists in the ‘Unfold’ exhibition and also proposes a number of creative and innovative responses to climate change aimed at stimulating discourse and a wider engagement with the climate debate.)

Cameron, Fiona & Brett Neilson (Eds). 2015. Climate Change and Museum Futures. Routledge: NY & London.

Books from the Climarte website Resource Library

Art & Ecology Now, Andrew Brown
Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts, Mel Evans
Burning Ice: Art and Climate Change (Cape Farewell project, David Buckland)
Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a hot world, edited by Peter Christoff
Green Patriot Posters: Images for a New Activisim, Dimitri Siegel & Edward Morris
In the Balance: Art for a Changing World, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
To Life! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet, Linda Weintraub