Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil

Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil

About The museums & climate change network

This is a community of interest. We are a group that shares ideas and inspiration about creating effective outreach, sharing powerful stories, and supporting understanding around the challenges of global environmental change.

Springing from the international group that came together in 2013 at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, the Museums & Climate Change Network is a group of professionals who are concerned with extending and improving communication on the Anthropocene, including climate change, local and global environmental change, and supporting people to find ways forward in an increasingly challenging world.

Sharing news of what we are each of us doing in our own corners, news about what others beyond the museum sector are doing, and finding ways to collaborate, is core to the Network.  Workshops, conferences, exhibitions, web resources, story sharing, activism and innovation around climate change is growing rapidly.

The Network is an open and quickly-growing group. We welcome those working in museums and those in other arenas who have an interest in museums and public engagement.

Come and join us!