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The Museums and Climate Change Network is a site for anyone interested in the intersection between museums and climate change. The site was started as a response to the challenge of engaging museum audiences in the issue of climate change. Museums are valuable sites for enabling audiences to slow down, reflect and rethink – all important for reaching the goal of changing hearts and minds. As more museums create exhibitions and resources on climate change, with varying degrees of success, it is important to share ideas and experiences.

To join the Museums and Climate Change Network or to add a project, exhibition, blog, website, publication, or resource to our listings, please upload via the site’s entry points or contact Dr Jenny Newell, Australian Museum.

Jenny Newell, jenny.newell@austmus.gov.au

Title image: Model of flooded New York, Climate Change: The threat to life and a new energy future, AMNH exhibition, 2008-09.  Photo: © Denis Finnin, American Museum of Natural History, New York.