Director of the Michigan State University Museum

Address: Michigan State University Museum, 409 W Circle Dr,, East Lansing, MI 48824 US
Email Address: ausland5 [at]
Twitter: MuseumMark

Work Statement: As Director of the Michigan State University Museum, I am deeply committed to engaging members of our university community as well as community members in mid Michigan in productive conversations about the Anthropocene and climate change at global, regional, and local levels. I have specific interests in how visual artists, poets, composers, choreographers and other creative folks engage with climate change dynamics, and in promoting thoughtful, responsible dialogue about social inequality and social justice in the context of climate change. As a sociocultural anthropologist with research specialization in southern and central Africa, I also also greatly interested in creative human adaptation, primarily in Africa and the global South, to climate-related challenges. As the MSU Museum prepares to open a Science on a Sphere gallery we are especially excited in creatively adapting NOAA datasets to share effective climate science stories with visitors of all ages.