Remaking the Museum: Curation, Conservation, and Care in Times of Ecological Upheaval

Moesgaard Museum

Aarhus University Centre for Environmental Humanities


6-7 December 2017

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Information and Call for Papers:

Please send abstracts (200 words) or enquiries to Michael Vine ( by November 1, 2017.

Museums collaborating around climate change

Australian Museum 

The next in the Museums & Climate Change Network bi-annual series of workshops. The aim of the July 2017 workshop at the Australian Museum is to establish effective ways for museums around the world to collaborate on engaging hearts and minds, creating climate-active citizens, and influencing policy around climate change.  Museums and Climate Change Network members are invited.

This will be a participatory, roll-your-sleeves up workshop. Participants will be asked to create a document (using a template) to  pre-circulate which will introduce themselves and/or their team and set out current projects, future plans and a short wish list of ideal collaborations – whether a broad type of collaborative work, or specific, defined projects. The day will have plenty of time for small group work directed at sharing and growing ideas and establishing clear steps forward. Numbers will be kept low.

There will be presentations from several local and international speakers, including Miranda Massie, Director of The Climate Museum, New York.

For more information please contact Dr Jenny Newell, Australian Museum


Museums Collaborating Around Climate Change: A Workshop

The 3rd Museums & Climate Change Network workshop

 20 July 2017   Australian Museum, Sydney

Venue: ‘1892’ room, Former National School building, Australian Museum grounds

1 William St, Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia

Contact: Jenny Newell +61 (0)2 9320 6084    +61(0)457 523 506


The aims of this workshop are two-fold:

  1. To share what we are all currently doing within our institutions to encourage greater public engagement in the issues and challenges of climate change.
  2. To advance a ‘next steps’ conversation, to see how we might effectively support each other and find fruitful ways to work together.

Please come to the small, 2-storey sandstone building on the Museum site, on William Street, further down the hill from the Museum’s main entrance, before you reach Yurong Street. This is the ‘Former National School Building’, and we are meeting in the ground floor room, called ‘1892’.


9:00         Tea and coffee served

9:30         Welcome and Introduction: Jenny Newell

9:35         Background:

  • Museums & Climate Change Network: Kirsten Wehner, Libby Robin and Jenny Newell
  • EcoCities panel update: by several participants

10:00       Introductions: to participants around the table and on-line

10:30       Morning tea

10:45       Miranda Massie, Director, The Climate Museum, New York – Position piece and discussion

11:30       Ricardo Piquet, Luiz Alberto Oliveira, Museum of Tomorrow, Rio – Position piece and discussion

12:15       Dean Peterson, Te Papa Tongarewa – reflections on renewal project

12:45       Light lunch provided

1:30         Warm up – led by Angela Tiatia

1:40         Small group discussion (15 mins) followed by sharing with all (15 mins)     

  • Question: The power of collaboration: what do we each hope to achieve?

2:10         Small group discussion (15 mins) followed by sharing with all (15 mins)

  • Brainstorm: Collaborating around climate change

2:40         Large group discussion (40 mins)

  • Questions: As a group, what are our collaborative priorities? What practical steps forward can we take?

3:20         Afternoon tea

3:40         Discussion: Forming action groups or other means of taking tasks forward

4:15         Inspiration: Performance

4:30         Close

4:30-5:00  Opportunity to visit Australian Museum

The workshop will be recorded and made available online.

Attendees (as of  7/7/17) :

Jeffery Bickner, President, Climate Synergy Solutions

Fiona Cameron, Senior research fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney

Craig Donarski, Director, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney

Stan Florek, Collections officer, Pacific collections, Australian Museum

Vanessa Low, Divisional co-ordinator, Programs, Exhibitions & Cultural Collections, Australian Museum

Jenny Newell, A/Director of Programs, Exhibitions and Cultural Collections, Australian Museum

Elizabeth Marshall, Public Arts Officer, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney

Miranda Massie, Director, The Climate Museum, New York

Iain McCalman, Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney (TBC)

Kim McKay, Director and CEO, Australian Museum

Logan Metcalfe, Collections officer, Pacific collections, Australian Museum

Cameron Muir, Sydney Environment Institute and National Museum of Australia, Canberra

Luiz Alberto Oliveira, Chief Curator, Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro

Dean Peterson, Head of Science, Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand

Ricardo Piquet, President, Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro

Fara Pelarek, Head, Australian Museum Research Institute Education and Lifelong Learning

Libby Robin, Professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University

Sue Saxon, Creative producer, Programs, Australian Museum

Joseph-Zane Sikulu, Pacific (Australia)

Louise Teteris, Touring Exhibitions Co-ordinator, Australian Museum

Thelma Thomas, Pacific hip-hop soul artist, creative producer and staff member, Australian Museum

Angela Tiatia, Multimedia Artist, Sydney

Thom Van Dooren, Assoc. Prof. of Env. Humanities, Dep. Head of School of Arts & Humanities, UNSW

Kirsten Wehner, Sydney Environment Institute/ Central St Martins, London

Mariko Yoshida, PhD candidate, Anthropology, Australian National University, Canberra

Participating off-site:

Emma Burns, Curator, Natural Science, Otago Museum
Henry McGhie, Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology, Manchester Museum
Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science, UCL (former Director, Science Museum), London
Martha Sear, chief curator, People and the Environment, National Museum of Australia
Jay Sterling Gregg, Copenhagen

Jennifer Woodcock-Medicine Horse, PhD candidate, Montana State University

International Symposium on Climate Change and Museums, Manchester

Critical approaches to engagement and management.
10th-12th April 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom.

The conference aims to “provide and encourage critical perspectives upon a range of museum activities, in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation, collections management and development, climate change communication, public and civic engagement. It also aims to showcase projects and approaches that have explored these topics, across all scales, from the hyper-local to the global.”

Organisers are inviting submissions for presentations.

Participants will have the opportunity to exhibit posters describing their work and to distribute information to other participants.

Call for Papers – abstracts must be submitted by 30th October 2017. Papers must be submitted by 30th January 2018.

Abstracts and Registration CONTACT:   Dr Mihaela Sima Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy E-mail:

Conference on climate change and museums, Manchester, April 2018